Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thankful . . . by me

As I look around my life
I am so Thankful
Especially for the little things
And especially for the big

There is a sound
That rises in my heart
That says thank you God
In words I cannot explain

For each day as I look around
And know I am more than blessed
To have a car, and a house
And a place to lay my head
Food to eat, clothes to wear

But my heart sound
Springs forth
In greater song
As I look past all the things I have
And see all the people smiling back at me

My husband
My children
My family
My friends
My neighbors
and even strangers too

My heart springs forth
with such gratitude
At each smile and tear
And voice and talk
And hug and kiss
And just the thought

It must be love
That makes my heart song sing
In ways that I cannot explain

But I know the King
Can hear my heart
I know He hears my song

For the loudest sound
In the song
Is when I think of His love . . .

So take away my bed, my car
My house, my food, and my clothes too
My heart would still sing its song
For I am so extremely blessed
To not only be loved
But to turn and give it away too

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Forgive me Lord for worry, fear, and trying to figure things out . . .

In other words, or Beth Moore's word's to be exact, we need to quit wishing and whining, and start believing and receiving. Yup . . .

For Jesus promised us . . .

Matthew 21:21-22 "Then Jesus told them, "I assure you, if you have faith and don't doubt, you can do things like this and much more. You can even say to this mountain, 'May God lift you up and throw you into the sea,' and it will happen. If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." .”

Monday, May 28, 2007

We remember, with love . . .

On today's memorial day, I would like to remember Christel Joy Conley. She went home to be with the Lord one year ago today. I loved Christel; her love changed my life. She could always make me smile with her whistling and always greeted me by clapping my hands. She especially made me smile at church when the worship would start. I loved to watch her clap and raise her hands high and wave them. Often she would stare in a corner, and I just knew, she could see the angels worshipping with us. Christel Joy, we miss you and remember you. I know you are whistling with those angels in heaven . . . and loving it!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

John 3:29-30

"The bride will go where the Bridegroom is. A Bridegroom's friend rejoices with Him. I am the bridegroom's friend, and I am filled with joy at His success. He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less. "

You are my very best friend Jesus.

Thank you Jesus . . . Your love never fails!

Monday, May 21, 2007

I have to believe . . .

Yesterday in church, a friend of mine shared her testimony of the last 9 months of her life. 9 months ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has walked the road of chemotherapy, not working, losing her hair, loneliness, faith, believing, and healing. She shared this song, along with her testimony. I was refreshed with the truth of God, hearing her overcoming testimony. As I listened and prayed, my heart was crying out this song for believing for things in my life, my families life, my friends, and those God has put around me. I share it as encouragement for all of us to not give up, but to believe, becaue He loves us, and HE is faithful.

I have to believe that He sees my darkness
I have to believe that He knows my pain
I have to lift up my hands to worship
Worship His name

I have to declare that He is my refuge
I have to deny that I am alone
I have to lift up my eyes to the mountains
It’s where my help comes from

He said that He’s forever faithful
He said that He’s forever true
He said that He can move mountains
And if He can move mountains
He can move my mountain
He can move Your mountain too

I have to stand tall when the wind blows me over
I have to stand strong when I’m weak and afraid
I have to grab hold, hold of the garments
Garments of praise

I have to sing praise when the hour is midnight
He unlocks the chains that bind up my soul
My sin and my shame, He has forgiven, and made me whole

I have to believe

by Rita Springer

Monday, May 14, 2007

Because His promise is . . .

In John 16:13-15, Jesus promises us the Holy Spirit. What a friend . . . thank you for our helper!

"When the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on His own but will tell you what He has heard. He will tell you about the future. He will bring Me glory by telling you whatever He receives from me. All that belongs to the Father is Mine; this is why I said, ‘The Spirit will tell you whatever He receives from Me.’" John 16:13-15

Lead me on today Jesus, thank You for guiding my life. Thank You for the truth! May it be the only voice that guides my thoughts, attitudes and actions today. I love You . . .

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

For Billy . . . I love you

This is my prayer . . . because I believe


You are accepted...
You are God's child ~ John 1:12
You are a friend of Jesus Christ ~ John 15:15
You have been justified ~ Romans 5:1
You are united with the Lord, and are one with Him in spirit ~ 1 Corin. 6:17
You have been bought with a price, and you belong to God ~ 1 Corin. 6:19-20
You are a member of Christ's body ~ 1 Corin. 12:27
You have been chosen by God and adopted as His child ~ Ephesians 1:3-8
You have been redeemed and forgiven of all your sins ~ Colossians 1:13-14
You are complete in Christ ~ Colossians 2:9-10
You have direct access to the throne of grace through Jesus Christ ~ Hebrews 4:14-16
You are secure...
You are free from condemnation ~ Romans 8:1-2
You are assured that God works for my good in all circumstances ~ Romans 8:28
You are free from any condemnation brought against you and you cannot be separated from the love of God ~ Romans 8:31-39
You have been established, anointed, and sealed by God ~ 2 Corin. 1:21-22
You are hidden with Christ in God ~ Colossians 3:1-4
You are confident that God will complete the good work He started in you ~ Philippians 1:6
You are a citizen of Heaven ~ Philippians 3:20
You have not been given the spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind ~ 2 Timothy 1:7
You are born of God, and the evil one cannot touch you ~ 1 John 5:18
You are significant...
You are the branch of Jesus Christ, the true vine, and a channel of His life ~ John 15:5
You have been chosen and appointed to bear fruit ~ John 15:16
You are God's temple ~ 1 Corin. 3:16
You are a minister of reconciliation for God ~ 2 Corin.5:17-21
You are seated with Jesus Christ in the heavenly realm ~ Ephesians 2:6
You are God's workmanship ~ Ephesians 2:10
You may approach God with freedom and confidence ~ Ephesians 3:12
You can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you ~ Philippians 4:13

Monday, May 7, 2007

And I'm living just to say, I love You . . .

19 years ago, today, I married my very best friend. The theme of our wedding was "Friends For Life", and through the good, the bad, the fun, the ugly . . . we have been and WILL always be friends for life. I cannot imagine living this life with out him, and I look forward to all the many more years ahead of us. Thank you Jesus! Only with You Jesus, have we really lived.

Stronger by Delirious
We're getting stronger everyday We're getting braver in every way
Hallelujah here we come. We're getting stronger everyday
Push through the rains that fall our way Hallelujah here we come.
We're much stronger when we're one Hallelujah here we come.

Oh, I love You from the depths of my heart And nothing here will tear us apart
Everything's beautiful with You Everything's beautiful, when You invade my life
And I'm living just to say that 'I love You'. We're getting closer everyday
Chasing the dreams that heaven gave Hallelujah here we come
We're getting closer everyday Into Your arms I'm here to stay
We're much stronger when we're one Hallelujah here we come

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

From hopeless to hope . . .

After reading the newspaper this morning, my heart was very sad. At first I was sick to my stomach, then my heart wanted to just weep. There was a story about a person I had known. As I stare at his face, I pictured him, not as an evil person, but I saw an innocent little boy. At some point in his life, he was a little boy. My heart goes out to his mother . . . Who I was looking at in this picture was not who God created him to be. And so I asked God, where is the hope? Will we just write him off as the bad person. I know he will be suffering the consequences of his actions, as he should. But he is still a person. Will we believe for Him? Will we believe for those like him? How about our own children?

For your word says in Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."

So if you are the same today as yesterday, then I believe this for today - Matthew 4:23-24 "Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people. News about Him spread all over Syria, and people brought to Him all who were ill with various diseases, those suffering severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures, and the paralyzed, and He healed them."

For every hopeless situation or person, today Lord, will you raise the banner of Hope in our hearts, to cry out for healing of every disease, sickness, pain, demon-possession, and illness! Forgive me for my unbelief Lord . . . I am full of hope today only because of You! On my own strength and my own mind, everything is hopeless. All hope lies in You and You alone. You are our Miracle Maker!