Sunday, April 6, 2008

We are a people awaking to follow their dreams . . .

Yes, I know, it's a Superchick song, but hey, I kinda love it.

"Here's to the ones who don't give up
Here's to anyone who never quit when things got hard
You'll never let them say "You'll never get that far."

I want to shout it out to all (9) of my kids (it's not just a girl song). . . So here's a shout out (and the prayer and cry of my heart for all of you). . . you are the one's who don't give up . . . KEEP GOING! Keep holding the hand of Jesus, and letting Him tell you who you are and where you should go! Don't let go of His hand, even when it's hard, even when there is bruises and bleeding, stay strong, don't give up!

You are amazing and you are beautiful!

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